Man in Box

Man in Box

Friday, February 20, 2015

Changes at this blog

As you may have already noted this blog has changed.  Most noticeably the name has changed.

It now serves to support a new 'publication' called Out of the Box, Getting Beyond Conventional Masculinity, together!   I will be curating a large collection of the best writing I can find on men breaking with conventional masculinity.

Out of the Box will be a new public face of this blog, on a platform optimized for tablets and cell phones where many people do their reading these days. 

For more about Out of the Box see

Out of the Man Box - FAQs

What is Out of the Man Box?

Out of the Man Box is a curated collection of articles originally appearing in wide variety of on-line sites and presented in a pleasing, easily browsed format.  Currently there are two versions; one on Flipboard and another on Tumblr.

On the pages of Out of the Man Box you will find article titles, associated photos or graphics, and links to the original source. I will update these collections continuously as good material comes to my attention.  I plan to do major updates every three weeks.  

What content are you collecting in Out of the Man Box?

I am aiming to collect the best writing about liberating masculinities from 'the box' of conventionality.  [for more on the concept of the 'man box' see Tony Porter's excellent TED talk.]

Gender relations are changing along with our understanding of gender identity in our lives. More men are realizing that they can have better lives for themselves, their loved ones and their communities/nations by engaging the opportunities for change.

The content of Out of the Man Box will be varied:
  • problems many men experience with a sense of isolation and with depression;
  • organized efforts to reduce sexual abuse and gender conformity bullying;
  • stories of men doing extraordinary community and family work;
  • what we are learning about masculinity from transgender people;
  • instances of effective alliance with women's organizations;
  • the complexities of dealing with male privilege and the structures and behaviors of domination; and
  • the joys (and risks) of breaking free of conventionality. 

Why should I bother to follow Out of the Man Box?  

The answer is all about my role as curator.  The curator spends hours looking for the best writing and then collecting it in a convenient place for you to browse it and then read what you chose on your tablet, phone, or computer.   Good content -- easy to access.  For now this content will be posted on two Internet platforms:  Flipboard which has a pleasing magazine look and is optimized for reading on tablets or 'smart' phones.  I will also publish a slightly different version on Tumblr.  Visit (and please follow) either that suits your taste.

Who is the curator?  

My name is Charles Knight.  I have been following the engagement of men in gender relations change for a couple of decades now.  I have experienced both the difficulties and the great benefits of change.  I have contributed a bit to the literature. I am on the advisory board of Voice Male Magazine and BKNation.  I am a founding associate of the Center for the Study of Men and Masculinity.  

Out of the Man Box is affiliated with Voice Male Magazine edited by Rob Okun.  Voice Male is published quarterly in both print and on-line versions.  I encourage you to take a look and subscribe to this excellent publication.

How do I send my suggestions and comments to the curator?

Your suggestions for content to include and your comments on the publicatons are most welcome.  Please email the curator at:  outofthemanbox (at)  Please follow on Twitter: @outofthemanbox